Yearly Archives: 2014

Imagining the Future of 3D Printing at Fractal

Ever since I started doing research on fashion design and copyright, I’ve been tracking the progress of 3D printing technology. The disruptive possibilities of this technology are abundantly clear in the fashion sector, and so I was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend fractal, a very unique conference in… More

The Best No-Hitter Ever Heard

If a pitcher threw a no-hitter but no one could watch it on television, did it really happen? Josh Beckett, who pitches for my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers, immediately became the best story of this young baseball season when he no-hit the Philadelphia Phillies this weekend. Any no-hitter is amazing,… More

Black Twitter, “Scandal” & Must-Tweet TV

A few years ago, I noticed a bunch of hashtags appearing in the “Trending Topics” section of Twitter that I just couldn’t make heads or tails of. Each one I clicked on revealed a sea of black faces and I thought, Oh! This is some kind of in-joke in the… More

Embracing Blur

Z Holly, the former vice provost for innovation at USC and host of the first TEDx ever, sure knows me well. A newcomer to the prestigious TTI/Vanguard Board, Z thought I would be good fit for their next conference on Embracing Blur. Um, she couldn’t have been more correct. I… More

Once Upon a Climate Change

Those who tell the stories rule the world, it’s said, but it’s hard to tell a story unless you know the ending. We don’t yet know the ending of the climate change story. The beginning of the ending, though, happened in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, where delegates from 37 industrialized… More

Michael Sam: A Dream Realized

Adam Amel Rogers is Project Specialist at the Lear Center. On January 20, publicist Howard Bragman sent a text to Outsports co-founder Cyd Zeigler that read, “The eagle has landed.” The moment had arrived – standout NFL prospect Michael Sam was ready to come out. Zeigler penned an exclusive look… More