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Fashion in Rio de Janeiro (Part 1)

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Brazil is really hot right now. With its incandescent economy and its reputation for sensuality and Mardi Gras decadence, Rio de Janeiro, in particular, has attracted an unprecedented amount of global attention. As the sprawling city prepares for the 2014 World Cup and the… More

Mash-Ups in Fashion, Music & Literature

Mashup Compilation from Eduard Minobis on Vimeo. When I think about mash-ups, I can’t help but think about Julia Kristeva and her notion of intertextuality. The term has been used in many, many different ways since she first coined it, but, quite generally, she was using it to talk about… More

Haute Couture & Haute Cuisine

I’m certainly not the first to point out the similarities between haute couture – rarefied apparel that no normal person would have an occasion to wear – and haute cuisine – exquisitely prepared food that costs a fortune and simply disappears by evening’s end. This last July, the French Ministry… More

Keeping the War on Terror Terrifying

After the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I wondered whether people would remain interested in the War on Terror, or whether we’d see some flagging interest register in the polls that, just last year, placed terrorism in the number three slot of national priorities, right after the economy and jobs. A… More

Women, Fashion & Social Media

There were several reasons I was happy to be invited to speak at theFashion140 event last month: first, it was in the brand spanking newAlice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (wow!), and second, it gave me an opportunity to talk about two things that I think quite a lot about… More

Themes & Refrains at TED 2011

I had the great pleasure of attending TED last week – not in Long Beach but in Palm Springs, where a very international crew of 600 fired-up TEDsters watched a simulcast of TED on monitors so large and numerous that I kept thinking I was going to bump into the… More

Play and Learning

We’ve all heard about different “learning styles” – some people supposedly respond better to hands-on instruction, others are more visual, and some just want to read books. I always thought these models were terribly reductive, but they held sway among many who worked with me developing edutainment software in the… More

Creativity & Collaboration in the Academy

Last week, the Lear Center hosted an exhilarating event¬†about changing the nature of the academy and how it does research. Sponsored by Randy Hall, the Vice President of Research at USC, the event brought together a breathtaking array of scholars from across the disciplinary spectrum – many of whom are… More

Where Smart Isn’t Boring

When it turns out that the guy sitting behind you at an event is an astronaut who just came back from outer space you get kind of pumped about the event. The gal beside me was a social worker who counsels soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The fellow in… More