Searching for Truth in an Age of Lies

Back in the day, Truth began with a capital T, and it came straight from God. Then science had a long run with it. The Enlightenment. Good times. But modernity was no piece of cake for truth. All that everything-is-relative business was shattering. As for post-modernity, let’s just say that… More

The High-Concept Presidency

Anyone who has ever pitched a movie or television idea in Hollywood knows the tyranny of the “high concept.” It’s a staple of the entertainment world. A high concept is a simple, succinct, immediately comprehensible gimmick: Abraham Lincoln is a vampire hunter; the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and… More

Beyond the Wall

Is the U.S.-Mexico border a political calculation or a humanitarian crisis? Richard Misrach, Wall, east of Nogales, Arizona, 2014 © the artist There is a line between Richard Misrach and composer Guillermo Galindo. On the cover of Border Cantos, it is little more than a keystroke, a simple design flourish… More

OPINION – Neal Gabler: Who’s Really to Blame for Fake News

Lear Center Senior Fellow Neal Gabler penned this scathing commentary originally for Moyers & Company. Consider for a moment the oxymoronic concept of “fake news,” which we have been hearing so much about lately. This isn’t your typical disinformation or misinformation — generated by the government, or foreign adversaries, or… More

Advancing the Story: The Next Chapter in Media Impact

The Norman Lear Center and the Paley Center for Media held an event on November 2 exploring how technology and storytelling are raising awareness about important social issues. I gave a presentation (which you can watch here) addressing how we can connect the dots between media exposure and social or… More

Hollywood Meets the Sustainable Development Goals

Why did UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon travel to Los Angeles last month to pitch the Sustainable Development Goals to a roomful of entertainment industry writers and producers? What motivated scores of Hollywood’s top show runners, as well as executives from 13 studios and networks, to head to Norman and Lyn… More

Louis C.K… and Me

Louis C.K. left the internet a few months ago. What a great idea! Me, too! Except I’m the NLC webmaster. An August vacation offered me my chance. Freedom seized! BUT WHY? My attention span = that of a goldfish. “I don’t like the way [the internet] feels anymore.” – Louis… More