Civil Rights and Go-Go Boots

civilrightsboots300Civil Rights and Go-Go Boots: A Groovy Evening of Theater, Live Music, and Chicano History, presented in partnership with KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum, About Productions.

This community forum explores the Chicano Movement, East L.A. and L.A. pop culture of the late 60s. Louie Pérez, primary songwriter of Los Lobos is a featured speaker. Community members will explore the late 60s history of East L.A. including the 1968 student walkouts through theatrical excerpts, live music inspired by the Go-Go Era, and a public talk-back. Multi-talented Quetzal Flores, of the band Quetzal, will provide music direction for the evening?s live music.

A discussion between a panel and the forum audience will follow each theatrical excerpt and explore how the themes resonate with the racial, political and cultural issues still with us today. The panel, moderated by KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, includes Popular Music Project director and Annenberg professor Josh Kun, Alma Martinez and Victor ViescaThe podcast is now available.