Science Goes Hollywood

sciencehollywood300Despite our prejudices to the contrary, Hollywood and Science have a lot to say to each other. Take special effects: Nothing Disney dreams up can even come close to the fireworks created by exploding stars every day. And what about flesh eating bacteria? Or clones? Or Schrödinger’s Cat? No wonder authors, filmmakers and even sit com writers look to science for inspiration. But Science also looks to Hollywood for help in getting its magic out. It’s not all that easy to bring the excitement (and most important, the process) of science into our lives through books, TV and film.

On January 27th Marty Kaplan, Director of the Norman Lear Center, will talk about why audiences believe that the medical information they pick up in entertainment storylines is accurate, and about the Lear Center’s “entertainment-education” campaign, Hollywood Health & Society.

Sunday, January 27th, 2008 | Program begins at 6:30 PM
Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica