Press 2005

Los Angeles Times Editorial: Grand Intervention: “Puzzling out a Park,” December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times Editorial: Grand Intervention: “People Brainstormed … and a Cloudburst Erupted,” December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times OP-ED: Grand Intervention: “Can We Get Dazzling Done?” by Bob Sipchen, December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times OP-ED:… More

Press 2010

The Atlantic: Social Media and the End of Age, Race and Gender, by Nicholas Jackson, December 13, 2010 TED Blog: “Crescendo” Roundup of TEDWomen, December 10, 2010 Making It In The Industry: Intellectual Creativity, by Trisha Connell, December 3, 2010 Newsroom Magazine: Newsroom Magazine to Launch Track Metrics, by Robert… More

Press 2012

New York Times: Newtown Massacre Changes Plans at Movie and TV Studios, by Brooks Barnes and Bill Carter, December 19, 2012 Mackinnon Advises TV Drama on Nerve Injuries, by Elizabethe Holland Durando, November 28, 2012 Los Angeles Times: Huell Howser Quietly Retires from Public TV’s ‘California’s Gold’, by Scott… More

Press 2003

Los Angeles Times: “California; Governor’s Wins Leave Deficit on Hold; Political triumphs haven’t made problems go away. The state’s credit has sagged further and financial pressure has increased,” by Joe Mathews and Peter Nicholas, December 21, 2003. Sacramento Bee: “Election hasn’t harmed governor’s marketability,” by Gary Delsohn, December 19, 2003.… More

Press Release — 18-49

MEDIA ADVISORY CONTACT:  Geoffrey Baum 213-821-1491 SYMPOSIUM TACKLES “TYRANNY OF 18 to 49” DEMOGRAPHIC IN ENTERTAINMENT, ADVERTISING “The entire culture is tyrannized by a fiction of youth,” according to Norman Lear Center senior fellow Neal Gabler LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2003  Citing deep concerns about the consequences of media fixation… More

Press 2002

Los Angeles Times: “The Media Bias Myth: Liberal? Conservative? It’s not about ideology. The real battle is over the proper role of journalism,” by Neal Gabler, December 22, 2002. American Journalism Review: “Ads Trump News,” December, 2002. The Providence Journal-Bulletin article (Providence, RI): “TV or not TV? Forum to examine… More

Press Release — Campaign Coverage, June 13, 2000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 2000 CONTACT: Stephen Rivers (310) 395-2993 Most TV Stations Offer Only Seconds of Candidates Discussing Issues Before ElectionsBroadcasters Fall Far Short of Public Interest Standard, USC Annenberg School Study Says LOS ANGELES, June 13 — A survey by the USC Annenberg School of the campaign coverage… More

Press 2001

Daily News (Los Angeles): “Boss’s hands-on approach to shake things up,” by Greg Hernandez, December 18, 2001. San Francisco Chronicle: “NBC may lose viewers on the way to San Jose,” by Dan Frost, December 18, 2001. All Things Considered report: “Vivendi Universal to buy USA Networks,” by Jim Zarroli, December… More

Press Release — Artists & Technology

NEWS ADVISORY March 26, 2001 CONTACT: Geoffrey Baum (213) 821-1491 Leaders from entertainment, law & government join debate SUMMIT ON TECHNOLOGY AND THE OWNERSHIP OF CREATIVE CONTENT AT USC ANNENBERG LOS ANGELES — In response to one of the biggest issues facing Hollywood and the entire arts and entertainment industry,… More

Press Release — Arts & Ideas

NEWS ADVISORY February 21, 2001 Contacts: Amy Levy (310) 446-8000 x230, Geoffrey Baum (213) 821-1491 LEADERS IN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS CONVENE TO DISCUSS IMPACT OF THE ARTS ON SOCIETY AND CULTURE WHEN: 7:00 pm Monday, February 26, 2001 WHAT: “Arts and Ideas” panel to examine the impact of entertainment… More