Press Release — IJPC Database


The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC), a project of the Norman Lear Center at USC Annenberg has just released the 2004 edition of the IJPC Database, the only resource of its kind. The database includes nearly 40,000 items on journalists, public relations practitioners and media in films, television, fiction (novels, short stories, plays, poems), radio, cartoons, comic books and comic strips, commercials, documentaries, early references, games, art and song.

“The images of the journalist you see in films and on television influence the public?s opinion about the media and the effectiveness of that media,? said Joe Saltzman, IJPC Director. ?And the ramifications of how the public perceives and judges the media can have a profound effect on the success or failure of our American democracy.”

Under Saltzman?s direction, the IJPC has had a banner year in 2003, its second year of existence. The IJPC Web Site is now considered the definitive source on the subject and is consulted by more than 100 scholars and professionals each day.

The IJPC Database includes print journalists (from large urban newspapers to small country weeklies including editors, reporters, photojournalists, correspondents, columnists, publishers, newsboys), broadcast journalists (from networks to local stations including reporters, anchors, correspondents, producers, writers, technical personal, news directors, station owners, network executives and management), public relations practitioners (from press agents to publicists), and the news media (anonymous reporters who show up in countless films and television movies ranging from press conferences, to packs of reporters shouting questions or chasing after the main character, to individual reporters asking questions).

The database can be searched by a name or a word – i.e., Clark Gable or Gossip Columnist or Pulitzer Prize. It will create a complete list from any specific word or phrase. It can also be sorted by year, title, type, author or occupation.

The database is only available to IJPC Associates. Any individual or institution can join the IJPC Associates for $150 a year. In addition to access to the database, members have access to any of the IJPC materials including Sob Sisters: The Image of the Female Journalist, 1929-2003, a one-hour documentary with 90 clips from movies and television programs. It is a companion piece to the Web Site?s exclusive essay written by Saltzman, Sob Sisters: The Image of the Female Journalist in Popular Culture along with the Sob Sister Bibliography of more than 6,500 entries from 1700 to 2004, including films, television and radio programs and fiction. There is also ?best of?? lists from scholars around the country.

Classroom materials supplied by the IJPC are now being used in new classes on the image of the journalist in popular culture at Rutgers University, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Hawaii and other colleges around the country.

For more information on the IJPC and a membership application, consult the Web Site at