Creativity & Collaboration in the Academy: Symposium

A Symposium on Innovative Ways That Universities Do Research

This conference — with participants from across USC and beyond — spotlighted novel ways that research communities use technology and innovative practices to foster creativity and collaboration; it showcased some of the research products emerging from those communities; and addressed the tensions between traditional academic culture and cutting-edge methods to expand knowledge and benefit society.

Technology has enabled university research to become more rapid, more dynamic and more collaborative, but at the same time it has challenged — even upended — some academic traditions and practices.

  • As information is retrieved, distributed and shared more easily, quickly and cheaply than ever before, how will peer-review evolve and keep pace with innovation?ccaprogram
  • What is the role of departments and disciplines within research that increasingly requires networking and mobilizing multiple fields and institutions?
  • As teamwork has become a hallmark of innovation, how should the appointment and promotion process be modernized to reward and motivate collaborative achievements?
  • How do we balance technology’s ability to surmount distance, with the benefits of serendipitous personal encounters that occur on a bricks and mortar campus?

The Symposium
Opening Remarks – Randolph Hall
Lessons Learned from Workshops – Marty Kaplan, Johanna Blakley
Panel: Innovative Research Communities – Krisztina Holly, Neil Buckholtz, Carl Kesselman, Katherine Rowe
Panel: Digital Scholarship – Tara McPherson, Anne Balsamo, Roger Ghanem, Sam Gustman
Keynote Speech: Networked Research Communities – Arden Bement
Panel: New Methods for Evaluating Scholars & Their Research – Marty Kaplan, Phil Etherington, Gen Giuliano, Tom Jordan, Marty Levine, Shri Narayanan, Terry Sanger
Closing Remarks – Marty Kaplan, David Bollier, Randolph Hall

Report from the Symposium by David Bollier
Graphic Recordings of Symposium Panels


How do great research universities stay at the top of their game?

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