Doe Mayer: “The energizer bunny of entertainment-education”

I have always thought of Sonny Fox as the energizer bunny of entertainment-education. His enthusiasm for the field was contagious and so passionate that I was constantly renewed by both working with him and just visiting or socializing with him over the past 20 years. He was smart, sophisticated and funny and was forever coming up with new ideas for spreading the word, both through Population Communications International and other development communication outreach efforts.

I was most involved with him working on a project to bring media professionals and students from other countries to study with us at USC. He never seemed to tire of helping these visitors with everything from visas to explanations for American cultural idiosyncrasies to stories of his own career. His generosity and enthusiasm were electric, and I think we all left his house (primary headquarters for everything) feeling ready to do more to support the global power of storytelling and the social science behind it.

His partner, Cely Arndt, whom he met on the board of PCI, was also an enthusiast for e-e ideas and the influence these efforts can have to change society. She was truly a creative and business companion in the field and at home.

It is hard to say goodbye to that kind of zeal for life and storytelling and social change. We need more energizer bunnies!

Doe Mayer
Professor Emerita

Joint appointment
USC School of Cinematic Arts
USC Annenberg School