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Good news on Climate Change? Not really, except David Letterman and Al Franken have teamed up for a series of short, funny videos to refocus public attention on the imminent world-wide disaster.

24 HOURS of climate change interviews, slideshows, solutions and celebrities from Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project. Watch it HERE.

BEFORE THE FLOOD — Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate change doc — airs across all platforms for free on Sunday, October 30. You might want to watch it.

WHAT have climate change activists discovered to be the best way to rally Americans to fight climate change? Don’t call it climate change.

Might be time for meteorologists to start talking about climate change…EVERY DAY.

Attention Must Be Paid (Except to Climate Change)

This is from a news story on Thursday: “We are not saying this is definitely going to happen. But there’s a danger, and it should receive a lot more attention.” What danger? Sez who? I’ll get back to that. But check out the last word in that quote first. I… More

Climate change delivers 123 degree heat in Indian city of Phalodi. Streets melted. So check out our Hollywood, Health & Society panel discussion, “What’s So Funny About Climate Change?” MORE

Drowning World is a project by photographer Gideon Mendel in which he recorded nine floods in eight countries since 2007 and shot portraits of people in their flooded homes and towns.