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IP in the fashion world is a curious thing: READ this cool story of a Savile Row tailor who said “yes” to a writer who wanted to copy one of his signature jackets. Then WATCH Tom Ford‘s take on “The Ecology of Creativity in Fashion.”

Design Patents & the Future of Fashion

I had to attend the Struktur conference vicariously this year, but I had the great fortune of attending this creative summit for active, outdoor and urban design last year. The organizers had approached me because of my TED.com talk on the lack of copyright protection in the fashion industry. It… More

READ what Johanna Blakley has to say about “The Surprising Strategy Behind Hillary Clinton’s Designer Wardrobe.” Nothing is as it seems…

Johanna Blakley Video Playlist

Johanna Blakley speaks frequently in the U.S. and abroad about her research on a wide variety of topics, including global entertainment, cultural… More