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Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan, quoted in Variety, commented about resurgent Hollywood support for the ACLU in the age of Trump, saying “They may feel this is the time of courage and conscience and standing up and being counted,” and added, “The ACLU is a good vessel for a lot… More

The High-Concept Presidency

Anyone who has ever pitched a movie or television idea in Hollywood knows the tyranny of the “high concept.” It’s a staple of the entertainment world. A high concept is a simple, succinct, immediately comprehensible gimmick: Abraham Lincoln is a vampire hunter; the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and… More

From the LA Times, NLC Director Marty Kaplan on Trump’s tortured relation to Hollywood and its stars: “This is his crowd; this is who he would want to have at the inaugural. If he were offered any three tables from the Golden Globes to come to his inauguration in exchange… More

READ the terrific Washington Post article about the long and intimate link between police censorship and Hollywood.

USC Annenberg Study: Inequality in 700 Popular Films

USC’s Annenberg School released this trenchant study on inequality regarding portrayals of gender, race and LGBT status in 700 popular films. It’s at once shocking and not surprising to see the true misogynistic odds women in Hollywood face every day. Huge props to Dr. Stacy Smith and her team at… More

Every Single Word, a Tumblr by Dylan Marron, uses videos to illustrate how very few words are spoken by non-white movie characters in major Hollywood movies.