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Lear Center Managing Director Johanna Blakley in a terrific Real Clear Life article on “fake news”: “What I hope will come to the fore in public conversations about audio/video manipulation and fake news is the underlying problem: a lack of media literacy and critical thinking skills,” says . READ the full… More

Post-Trump TV Storytelling

Because of research I’ve done on the relationship between entertainment and politics, I’m often asked how TV storytelling will change after Trump’s election. In our survey research at the Norman Lear Center, we have found over the years that the most popular shows on primetime broadcast TV appeal most to… More

Studying & Shaping the Impact of Media

Managing Director Johanna Blakley presents results and insights from multiple research evaluations conducted by the Lear Center on recent movies and TV shows at the Global Health Film Progamme at the Barbican in London, November 2016.