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Good News About Bad News

Everyone knows TV political journalism failed us during the 2016 campaign. Everyone knows TV news was clueless about Donald Trump voters and blue states swinging red. Everyone knows anchors let lying candidates roll them. Everyone knows TV coverage hyped the horse race and gave issues the cold shoulder. Everyone knows… More

JOVRNALISM. Yep, that’s a “V” not a “U” and that’s because it’s a Virtual Reality project lead by USC Annenberg’s Robert Hernandez. This past spring, Hernandez and a group of his students traveled to Texas to work on an immersive VR piece to accompany “Hell and High Water,” an investigative look… More


Read Our Press Releases | Read Our Marketplace Transcripts All Things Considered, NPR: “Sentinel Awards Celebrate TV Depictions Of Health, Climate Change And Security,” by Rick Karr, August 30, 2017 CSII Blog: “Popular Music Project & CSII event recap: The Arts of Opposition,” by Claudia Dayani, May 9, 2017 LA Times:… More

Did OJ Change Anything?

Twenty-plus years later and the O.J. Simpson murder case continues to shock and fascinate us. As if you didn’t think there was anything more to learn, a pairing of television offerings this year retold the story in both dramatic and documentary form. FX’s outstanding 10-part “People vs. OJ Simpson: American… More