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Enemies of the People? Discussion at the 2017 Walter Cronkite Awards

Walter Cronkite Award winners Jorge Ramos (Univision News and Fusion), Jake Tapper (CNN), Katy Tur (NBC News and MSNBC) and Brian Stelter (CNN), join a panel moderated by Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan, April 28, 2017 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. They spoke about covering President Trump,… More

My iPhone is my Egypt

What is your Egypt? The people, the food and the storytelling are what I love most about the Passover seder I go to, but I also really like the updates to the ritual. We spill drops of wine as we name the ten Biblical plagues, but we count off ten… More

Marty Kaplan, quoted in the NYTimes on the renewed solace of TV for liberals: “We all gather around that hearth to know what’s going on out there, and be comforted by the people who come on our screens to say, things will be all right.” READ the full article.

Good News About Bad News

Everyone knows TV political journalism failed us during the 2016 campaign. Everyone knows TV news was clueless about Donald Trump voters and blue states swinging red. Everyone knows anchors let lying candidates roll them. Everyone knows TV coverage hyped the horse race and gave issues the cold shoulder. Everyone knows… More

Searching for Truth in an Age of Lies

Back in the day, Truth began with a capital T, and it came straight from God. Then science had a long run with it. The Enlightenment. Good times. But modernity was no piece of cake for truth. All that everything-is-relative business was shattering. As for post-modernity, let’s just say that… More

2017 Winner: Sherry Turkle

MIT professor Sherry Turkle – scholar and critic of technology’s impact, public intellectual and bestselling author – is the recipient… More

From the LA Times, NLC Director Marty Kaplan on Trump’s tortured relation to Hollywood and its stars: “This is his crowd; this is who he would want to have at the inaugural. If he were offered any three tables from the Golden Globes to come to his inauguration in exchange… More