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Warners’ War: The Book

Armed with one of Hollywood’s most powerful studios, Harry and Jack Warner fought a personal crusade against Hitler. Warners’ War… More

Warners’ War: Politics, Pop Culture & Propaganda in Wartime Hollywood

This exhibition featured film stills and publicity materials from Casablanca, Mission to Moscow, and Confessions of a Nazi Spy, a movie that prompted a Senate investigation in 1941. Betty Warner Sheinbaum, Harry Warner’s daughter, offered these comments at the exhibition opening.

Warners’ War: Obligations Above and Beyond: Remembering Harry Warner

Betty Warner Sheinbaum offers a heartfelt tribute to the movie achievements and American ideals of her father, Harry Warner. At his urging, Warner Bros was the first studio to close its German office due to the rise of Nazism. Back home, Harry championed political films to raise awareness in the U.S. of the dangers of fascism.

Warners’ War: Waging Warners’ War

This essay brings to light treasures from the USC Warner Bros. Archives and explores one studio’s profound commitment to the battle against anti-Semitism and fascism in the U.S. and abroad.