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    Immigration Nation: Exploring Immigrant Portrayals on Television This report presents a media content analysis conducted by the Lear Center’s Media Impact Project in collaboration with Define American, a nonprofit media and culture organization, to investigate two research questions: 1. How are immigrants and immigration issues depicted on entertainment television? 2. How do these depictions compare with the reality of the immigrant experience?… More
    “Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President – What We Don’t, Can’t, and Do Know” 2018 Rogers Award winner Kathleen Hall Jamieson talks about her new, explosive book with the New Yorker‘s distinguished Jane Mayer. Read the full article. READ AN EXCERPT from her new book at The Daily Beast Read more about the book.
    2018 Sentinel Awards Now in their 19th year, the 2018 Sentinel Awards are presented by the Lear Center’s Hollywood, Health & Society program. The 12… More
    Setting the Story Straight: Rewriting the Narrative on Immigrants in Television The Writers Guild Foundation, in partnership with Define American and The Hollywood Reporter, hosts this discussion featuring writers and actors… More
    Africa in Hollywood: Changing the Narrative The success of Black Panther marked a significant turning point for Africa and Africans in Hollywood. Since the film’s $1.3… More
    Crossing Borders, Blurring Borders: Writing and Refugees MacArthur grant recipient, USC RAP faculty members Viet Thanh Nguyen and Josh Kun engage in informal conversation about the modes… More
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    Variety: ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘One Day at a Time’ Among Honorees at 2018 Sentinel Awards, Rachael Yang, October 4, 2018

    The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Jane the Virgin,’ ‘Vida’ Writers Talk Onscreen Representation, by Jenna Marotta, October 3. 2018

    Frontline: Creating Virtual Reality Journalism, September 2018

    “At a time when the amount of information readily available to us keeps growing exponentially, the scarcest commodity is the ability to get people’s attention.” – Marty Kaplan, in Variety, on the harsh spotlight fixed on news outlets in this day and age. Read the rest of his trenchant assessment.

    Facebook might need to do some heavy-lifting with its current algorithms: in the last year, nearly half of young Americans 18-29 deleted the FB app from their phone.

    READ the New Yorker‘s spot-on celebration of the hit Netflix series One Day At A Time, the wise reboot of Norman Lear‘s 1970s comedy, now overseen by Lear and creators/executive producers Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce.

    Black, White & Blue Collar: The Family Sitcoms of Norman Lear
    Scott McGibbon

    I had the keen pleasure recently of speaking for the first time before a class of bright Emerson College LA students. The topic? The TV comedy of Norman Lear and my personal experience working for Norman at three different periods of my life. This was a Comm class, not a creative writing class (though several aspiring writers were present and asked spot-on questions), built around a terrific syllabus by Professor Richard West. The class had spent weeks reading… READ THE FULL BLOG POST.

    Lear Center Managing Director Johanna Blakley in a terrific Real Clear Life article on “fake news”: “What I hope will come to the fore in public conversations about audio/video manipulation and fake news is the underlying problem: a lack of media literacy and critical thinking skills,” says . READ the full article.

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    The Suicide Epidemic Is A Symptom Of Our Sick Body Politic This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. I would love to believe in petitionary prayer. Especially when life and death are at stake, a God who hears my supplications would be deeply reassuring. Despite my skepticism, I never pass up a chance in shul to say… More
    Trust #PlaidShirtGuy To End Trump’s Nightmare Reign This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. I was wondering if I was reading too much into the near-convergence of Sen. John McCain’s funeral; Labor Day, the traditional kickoff of the campaign season; and Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish holidays of repentance and renewal.… More
    In The Face Of Circus Politics, We Need Better Stories This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. I recently returned from a Trump fast. It was actually a news fast, but since the news these days is pretty much all Trump all the time, a Trump detox is what it turned out to be. It was… More
    Life, Death And Wrestling With Delacroix’s Angel In Paris This originally appeared in the Forward and is republished with permission. You must see the garden,” said the guard, in French, pointing to a door in the Delacroix Museum that my daughter and I hadn’t noticed. It led outside and down two sets of stairs to an exquisite courtyard, a silent oasis below… More
    Impact and Time: Tale of Two Stories Media Impact Project Editor’s Note: Journalism can and does spur real change. The following two stories by our MIP guest blogger outlines how two reporters spotlighted serious problems in government agencies and helped initiate improvements. The first is a heartbreaking story involving the overwrought Child Protective Services in Rochester, New… More
    Wanna Try Some VR? Here’s a Guide Lately I’ve been doing a bit of VR bingeing. While I’m not a binge TV viewer, I cannot get enough VR when the opportunity presents itself. Luckily, I’m based in Los Angeles, where new media experiments are all the rage, and my job takes me to exactly the kinds of… More