Spotlighting Domestic Workers

National Domestic Workers Alliance

We partnered with the National Domestic Workers Alliance in this recent study analyzing the history of domestic worker representation across scripted film and TV from 1910 to 2020. Through two phases of research, a frequency analysis and a content analysis of 100 domestic worker characters, the findings explore how often… More

Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest

Hollywood, Health & Society launches its first Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest now accepting entries for TV stories that take place in a future in which we would actually aspire to live and thrive. Instead of the standard dystopian landscape, think environmental sustainability, a fair and equitable society, and a world… More

Climate Change Playbook

In a soon-to-be-released study, we analyzed scripts from 37,453 TV episodes and films that aired in the US media market between 2016 and 2020 to see how often climate change content appeared. , finding only 2.8% mentioned any of 36 climate-related keywords. Our study partner Good Energy has released a… More

‘The Social Dilemma’ moves viewers

Using a unique methodology called propensity score matching (PSM), our Media Impact Project researchers surveyed nearly 4,000 people in a study of the 2020 Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. They found that viewers of the film were more knowledgeable about persuasive design techniques employed by social media companies, had greater… More

2021 Sentinel Awards

Hollywood writers/producers Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce co-hosted the 2021 Sentinel Awards, which this year honored NBC’s popular medical drama New Amsterdam with the “Imagining a Culture of Health Award” for the show’s entire body of work during its third season. In addition to New Amsterdam, 11 other shows… More

‘Flip the Script’ on Plastic Pollution

Media researcher Dana Weinstein joins actors Yareli Arizmendi, Kyra Sedgewick and Fran Drescher to discuss our latest collaboration with the Plastic Pollution Coalition at a webinar on Wednesday, January 19 at 2PM (PT). Our Media Impact Project research team examined 32 popular television shows from the 2019-2020 season in the… More

2021 Walter Cronkite Awards

Thursday, July 29. Watch the virtual celebration honoring the winners of the 2021 Walter Cronkite Awards for Excellence in Television Political Journalism. Winners include PBS FRONTLINE, CBS News and CNN, along with local stations in Phoenix, Milwaukee and Missoula. The streamed event includes one-on-one interviews with winners, a look back… More

Poverty Narratives in Pop Culture

Our expansive cultural audit on poverty narratives in TV, film, music and video games is now out. Through a mixed-methods research study — including survey research, a systematic content analysis, interviews with thought leaders and a review of existing research — we examined poverty, wealth and opportunity narratives in popular… More

2021 Walter Cronkite Award Winners Announced

Exceptional Reporting on the Pandemic, Systemic Racism and Election Integrity Honored with 2021 Walter Cronkite Awards for TV Political Journalism CNN, CBS and PBS entries take network prizes; local wins for Milwaukee, Missoula and Phoenix Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s COVID-19 fact-checking wins Brooks Jackson Prize After an election year that witnessed… More

Vaping in Music Videos


Our research team collaborated with USC Keck School of Medicine Assistant Professor Jon-Patrick Allem on his research studying depictions of vaping in music videos. And in April 2021, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office announced a $1.2 million penalty against Kandypens for marketing its products to youth, especially through music… More