Press 2014

Politico: Hollywood and the Hackers: What Happened to the Tinseltown that Defied the Nazis? by Todd S. Purdum, December 18, 2014 Los Angeles Times: Fallout from Sony Hack May Alter How Hollywood Does Business, by Meg James and Ryan Faughnder, December 15, 2014 Los Angeles Times: ‘Nightcrawler’ Shows How the News… More

Press 2013

AP: Hollywood Targeted to Give Health Care Law a Boost, by Michael R. Blood and Sandy Cohen, November 4, 2013 Los Angeles Times: NBC’s ‘Hillary’ Project Lacks Script, But Not Critics, by Scott Collins, September 3, 2013 The Sacramento Bee: California Previews Ad Campaign to Promote Health Insurance, by Christopher… More

Press Release — IJPC Database

THE IMAGE OF THE JOURNALIST IN POPULAR CULTURE (IJPC) RELEASES THE 2004 EDITION OF THE IJPC DATABASE The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC), a project of the Norman Lear Center at USC Annenberg has just released the 2004 edition of the IJPC Database, the only resource of… More

Press 2005

Los Angeles Times Editorial: Grand Intervention: “Puzzling out a Park,” December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times Editorial: Grand Intervention: “People Brainstormed … and a Cloudburst Erupted,” December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times OP-ED: Grand Intervention: “Can We Get Dazzling Done?” by Bob Sipchen, December 25, 2005 Los Angeles Times OP-ED:… More

Press 2008

Buffalo News: Prime time turns to scientists for answers by Mary McNamara, December 23, 2008 IPS News: MEDIA-US: If It Bleeds, It (Still) Leads by William Fisher, December 16, 2008 Calgary Herald: Prime-time science by Mary McNamara, December 15, 2008 Los Angeles Times: Prime time makes a scientific discovery by… More

Press 2009

PR Week: Comcast faces spotlight after NBC deal, by Kimberly Maul, Dec. 4, 2009 Los Angeles Times: Tiger Woods regrets “transgressions” by David Wharton, Dec. 3, 2009 Redding Pilot: After being diagnosed, Zenk Pinter is an oral cancer spokesperson by Susan Wolf, Nov. 27, 2009 Minnesota Public Radio: Mondale’s role… More


Read Our Press Releases | Read Our Marketplace Transcripts Variety: ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘One Day at a Time’ Among Honorees at 2018 Sentinel Awards, Rachael Yang, October 4, 2018 The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Jane the Virgin,’ ‘Vida’ Writers Talk Onscreen Representation, by Jenna Marotta, October 3. 2018 Frontline: Creating Virtual Reality Journalism,… More

Press 2007

What I Saw Today blog: “I saw a description of education,” by Lynn Schlatter, December 13, 2007 Mass Communication and Society: “Research Shows Teen Media Failing in Portrayals of Sexual Health,” December 2007 San Francisco Chronicle: “New-media debate sounds like the old,” by Joe Garofoli, November 29, 2007 OCRegister blog:… More

Press 2011

Columbia Journalism Review: Local TV News, Meet the Internet – Why are broadcasters trying to block political campaign transparency? by Steven Waldman, December 29, 2011 Los Angeles Times: KCET and Dominique Bigle’s ‘Big’ Plans May Not Be Enough, November 19, 2011 The New York Times: Chasing the Danger of the… More

Press 2004

American Journalism Review: “Travels with Arnold,” by Gary Delsohn & Margaret Talev, Dec/Jan 2005 Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Politicians” Ad Campaigns Face Criticism,” by Liz Sidoti, December 24, 2004 “Nipplegate’ sparks new wave of Puritanism in US media, entertainment world,” December 19, 2004 United Press International: “Analysis: Publicity-Machine Glitches,” by Par… More